The Wireless Out Today, December Tour Approaching

Greetings, Fellow Music Lovers!

December means holiday parties, holiday parties mean punch, and punch means won't you please consider purchasing a copy of our new EP and/or (but especially "and") tickets to see whether or not all five of us can make it through an entire show gathered around a single microphone without losing an eye?

The EP is called The Wireless and consists of four songs that were previously only available on the vinyl edition of The Phosphorescent Blues and one brand spanking new song, all of which we look forward to breaking in live on the December tour.


1. In Wonder

2. The Hops of Guldenberg

3. Sleek White Baby

4. No More. Yet

5. Clementine

Available now:

CD, Tee


Google Play

Amazon MP3 and CD

And about that tour: as mentioned above, every performance will be amplified exclusively by one heroic Neumann U-89 (with a little sidekick-style help from a mic clipped on to the bass), because frankly, in nice halls like the ones we're lucky enough to be visiting this December, the less electricity the better.

You'll find all the details on the splash page, but here are the important bits one more time for good measure: new EP; imminent tour; the month of December; holiday parties; punch.

Hope to see you soon!

Chris T.

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