New Album Antifogmatic to be Released June 15

Howdy Friends!

Pickles, a.k.a. Noam, here with some news that will surely change your life. If upon downloading this message you felt a vibration and heard a tone, I would like to inform you that the source was neither your computer nor your smartphone. What you just experienced was a small, non life-threatening shift in the tectonic plates of the Earth. "Why?" you ask...  Well, it's because I was just rejected by "Dancing with the Stars," forcing us to resort to our backup plan of re-arranging continents to announce that our new record, Antifogmatic, produced by Jon Brion, is headed to the presses and will be available everywhere on June 15!  (And as far as that beep that you may have heard, that was our second backup plan that accidentally went into motion as well. Sorry.)

You can pre-order Antifogmatic NOW from our store, which, thanks to the shift of the tectonic plates, is actually a little bit closer to you! In addition to the "standard" edition of the album, we'll also be selling a special "deluxe" version, which will include a four-song instrumental EP, All of This Is True, as well as a seven-song DVD, Live from the Lower East Side: It's p-Bingo Night!, which was filmed during our residency at The Living Room in New York City. As if that's not enough, we're also including an official Punch Brothers cocktail recipe guide signed by each one of us with the first 250 pre-orders of the deluxe edition.  AND, we have a new exclusive t-shirt that we'll be selling both by itself and as a bundle with the standard or deluxe editions of the CD. And if that's STILL not enough, we are in fact selling a Deluxe Deluxe edition which consists of 2 copies of the Deluxe edition.  Please visit the Punch Brothers Bazaar now for all of your Punch shopping needs.

If you're wondering why we named our new record Antifogmatic, I say to you, men and women alike, "Good day to you, Sir."  But for those still curious, an "antifogmatic" is a type of 19th century alcoholic drink that was meant as a cure for the effects of fog and other inclement weather. My esteemed colleague, Mr. Thile, skillfully explains... "Antifogmatic is an old term for a bracing beverage, generally rum or whiskey, that a person would have before going out to work in rough weather to stave off any ill effects. This batch of tunes could be used in much the same way, and includes some characters who would probably benefit mightily, if temporarily, from a good antifogmatic."

Noam, Critter, Paul, Chris, and Gabe

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