Critter and Noam to crash the LA Bluegrass Situation March 18-22, 2010

Don't miss the first annual LA Bluegrass Situation at Largo. Critter and Noam will be guests on The Whiskey Sour Radio Hour, hosted by Ed Helms on Sunday the 21st. Make sure to check out the incredible lineup for the festival at The honorary PB delegation will be there for the duration. You should be too.

Sunday, March 21: The Whiskey Sour Radio Hour
Ed Helms hosts his own twisted take on the old-time, radio variety show. Here music and comedy collide in a dastardly mash-up that can only be described as Prairie Home Companion on crystal meth and moonshine. Expect to see Ed and his all-star comedy pals sharing the stage with truly stellar musicians plucked from the amazing LA Bluegrass Situation line-up!
Showtime 8pm, Tickets $25.

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