Announcing p-Bingo Night at Bowery Ballroom in NYC on January 15th!

Howdy Friends!

Pickles, a.k.a., Noam here with some news that will surely change your life. As I write this, it is over 60 degrees outside here in rainy Brooklyn, NY, and despite this, my radiator is still running full steam ahead. If you've never before experienced warmth of this nature, you are truly missing out, although you may be less at risk for heat exhaustion and the accompanying hallucinations. That said, it is my distinct pleasure to interrupt whatever you might be doing with this very important holiday message.

It is a Punch Brothers tradition for us to exchange gifts every year. We take this very seriously and build this significant expense into every booking we accept. Oddly enough, we were having the most impossible time finding presents for each other this year. Imagine my dismay upon learning that Paul already has a hypoallergenic bow-tie. Who knew that Critter has a deep seated fear of pedicures? You'd think I would have remembered that Gabe already has a dog named Banjo? And trust me, you would be appalled to see the estimate to convert Thile's Prospect Heights apartment into a Hall of Mirrors.

We held an emergency band meeting to discuss the impasse. After much reflection and a few tears, we decided that the greatest gift any of us could ever hope to receive was the gift of each others' glorious company. I assumed that since 2010 was our busiest year on record, that all of the so-called presents had effectively been doled out and that we would all go our separate ways to recover and begin mental preparation (i.e. hypnosis) for another busy year. Boy, was I wrong.

With all of this new found time committed to each other, we decided maybe we could dedicate a portion of it to (drum roll, please)...Music. And more specifically, we could focus our energies on reviving our long dormant New York City Residency, p-Bingo Night!

That's right, folks, p-Bingo Night is back! In the words of Bill Monroe, “p-Bingo's was not dead, it was only a-sleeping.” p-Bingo rises again on January 15th, at the Bowery Ballroom, in Manhattan. Tickets are available Friday at 12 noon Eastern! If you're uninitiated and wondering what p-Bingo is, please be patient and give me a moment to copy and paste this handy blurb that our lawyers have signed off on:

"p-Bingo Night is Punch Brothers’ creative process (made slightly more entertaining, hopefully) on display in New York City when they aren’t collectively elsewhere. In addition to other delights, you can expect to find the Brothers trying out new material, improving existing material, and appropriating material that they wish was theirs, i.e. Radiohead, Bach, D’Angelo, James King, etc., right in front of your very eyes… or ears, rather, though music is generally better seen than heard. Also, there will be special guests, the coattails of whom the Brothers will surely ride to fame and fortune! Please note: little to no bingo will be played."

We are very excited to have our new friends, The Secret Sisters opening the show. We met Laura and Lydia Rodgers on T-Bone Burnett's Speaking Clock Revue. From the first moment we heard them sing, we've been anxiously awaiting the next opportunity to share the stage with them, and also reconsidering whether we should reconfigure ourselves as a purely instrumental band.

I'd be remiss if I didn't let you know that all of the new t-shirt designs are now available in the Punch Brothers Bazaar, just in time for holiday gift shopping. Our two biggest sellers are not surprisingly the Elephant shirt and Fez Guy shirt. How could you resist a t-shirt featuring a Fez hat atop a “40 year old love child” (real fan description) of yours truly and Gabe Witcher? If you think there are political ramifications of having an elephant on your Punch Brothers shirt, I would like draw your attention to the exposed female breast on the same shirt. There's really something for everyone in the Punch Brothers store.

Yours Truly,

Noam, Chris, Critter, Paul, and Gabe

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