A Prairie Home Companion


Garrison Keillor included Chris in his musings in his column today at salon.com. Over the weekend on Chris's guest spot on A Prairie Home Companion, Guy's All Star Shoe Band put him out front to sing a classic country song with more than a bit of relevance to area. Here's what Garrison had to say:

"And a few days ago I saw a skinny mandolinist named Chris Thile get up and sing Marty Robbins' 'El Paso' as if his life depended on it and slide up into his falsetto on 'Something is dreadfully wrong for I feel/ A deep burning pain in my side...' and that very evening I was in El Paso and drove past Rosa's Cantina, where the cowboy in the song fell in love with Felina, a woman of a flirtatious nature. Jealousy turned out to be the downfall of the cowboy, which all of us who have loved and lost can well understand. We too have felt that burning pain in the side."

No fancy mandolin picking here, but a fun song. Hear it on the APHC website.

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