Dave Sinko

Dave Sinko

Since moving to Nashville, TN in 1985, sound engineer Dave Sinko has become known for an organic approach to sound recording and mixing, both in the studio and in live sound. His unobtrusive techniques and easygoing attitude have endeared him to the top ranks of musicians and artists.

Born in Michigan and raised in Illinois, Mexico, Florida, and Texas, he gained experience by designing yachts and building racing sailboats. Applying the same love and techniques on a smaller scale, Dave moved on to building mandolins, custom guitars, and repairing musical instruments. While deeply involved in music and sound, he branched out to collaborate with his father on a manufacturing process and did technical design and prototype development of medical devices.

This personal study of design and construction, coupled with musical acoustics and applied technology, uniquely prepared him for his current career in Nashville – one centered on engineering acoustic music and recording. Most recently he has been working independently, mixing and mastering at Studio 5 and continuing to work with an outstanding array of producers, musicians, and artists.

His current focus is Punch Brothers and he has become a devoted and integral part of the group’s touring ensemble, where he has earned no less than three official titles: Sinkee-Sigh, The Nicest Man in the World, and The Sixth Punch Brother.