Friday, 9 March 2012
As was noted earlier this week, Punch Brothers are featured in a "Talk of the Town" piece in this week's New Yorker magazine. The band had spoken with New Yorker writer Alec Wilkinson as they prepared to take music from their new album,Who's Feeling Young Now?, out on the road on their current tour across North America. The New Yorker has now premiered a new video of the band performing the album's opening track, "Movement and Location," during their special invitation-only record-release show at Rockwood Music Hall in New York City on February 20. Watch the video below.

Salon's Seth Mnookin recently sat down for an interview with the whole band and, in an article titled "Punch Brothers: A Virtuosic Young Band Finds Its Voice," finds that "the Punch Brothers have achieved a kind of mind-meld that’s only possible when preternaturally talented musicians spend hours pushing themselves, and each other, to explore their passion and creativity."

Given the high standard the band achieved on its previous albums and the critical acclaim those received "makes what the band has achieved on Who’s Feeling Young Now? all the more remarkable," writes Mnookin. "The album opens with 'Movement and Location,' a propulsive masterpiece that sets the tone, both musically and thematically, for what’s to come."

Indeed, that tone follows throughout the album, on both the band's ten self-penned tunes and the take on two other tunes. "The shape-shifting time signatures, technical virtuosity and exquisite craftsmanship are all in full effect, but the overriding quality of the dozen songs on Who’s Feeling Young Now? is that they pack a visceral punch that’s not dependent on the listener’s musical knowledge or sophistication," Mnookin explains. "It’s hard to imagine another band doing an acoustic rendition of Radiohead’s hypnotic, effect-laden 'Kid A' without making it sound gimmicky; in the Punch Brothers’ hands, it’s somehow as powerful and transporting as the original."

There's much more from Mnookin and the band in the interview at

The Christian Science Monitor's Scott Baldauf was at Punch Brothers' tour-opening concert outside of Boston and opens his article on a mandolin revival—how "the mandolin is breaking out of bluegrass and becoming hip and versatile"—from the show, with a look at how the band has excelled on that end. "The sound of their latest album, Who's Feeling Young Now?, is modern, insistent, and rhythmic, and the lyrics tell of the 20-something's life of attraction, pain, and love affairs put on hold," writes Baldauf. "Up front, band leader Chris Thile swivels like Elvis, ripping out solo after solo on his vintage Gibson mandolin." Read the article at

Watch Punch Brothers perform "Movement and Location" live from New York's Rockwood Music Hall, via The New Yorker, here:

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