Tuesday, 14 February 2012
MSN gives the album four stars. "T Bone Burnett rightly likens Punch Brothers leader and mandolin ace Chris Thile to Louis Armstrong. Both are virtuosos who challenge genre norms while keeping one foot rooted in pop," writes MSN's Kurt B. Reighley. "This forward-thinking string band plies fresh ideas with traditional instruments, yielding a fusion as quirky yet accessible—and uniquely American—as Talking Heads." Read more and listen to the album at music.msn.com.


The A.V. Club gives the album an A-. "For a group that commits to traditional bluegrass instrumentation ... Punch Brothers hew remarkably close to the indie-rock sounds of today" on a number of the album's tracks, writes A.V. Club reviewer Genevieve Koski. And while Thile remains "inarguably one of the most accomplished mandolin players in the world," Koski says, the new tracks show that he and the band are focused on "more songwriterly concerns" as well. Their self-penned tunes on Who's Feeling Young Now? exist "both out of time and in the moment thanks to its youthful, gung-ho approach to timeless sounds." Read the complete album review at avclub.com.


The StarNews, out of Wilmington, North Carolina, looking ahead to this Saturday's show at The Brooklyn Arts Center at St. Andrews in Wilmington, spoke with the band's bass player Paul Kowert about performing and writing with his band mates. For his part, StarNews correspondent Bob Workmon writes: "Five musicians, alike in prodigious skill and a fearless approach to writing and playing together, Punch Brothers make their audiences want to think and shout, and maybe do a little flat-foot shuffle, too." Read what Kowert has to say at starnewsonline.com.
Friday, 10 February 2012
‘There are fine, unexpectedly jaunty melodies here, but they come wrapped in complex arrangements, as fiddle, banjo and guitar weave around the remarkable mandolin work and sometimes more fragile vocals of Chris Thile. This is a remarkable band.’ - Read the Guardian's four-star review of Who's Feeling Young Now? here.
Thursday, 9 February 2012
Ethan Varian speaks with Punch Brothers guitarist Chris Eldridge about his background in bluegrass, the evolution of the band and their new album, Who’s Feeling Young Now?, which set for release February 13. You can read the full interview here.
Monday, 23 January 2012
David Sinclair of the Times gives the Bush Hall show a perfect 5 stars, stating "the five musicians clustered close together, weaving in and out like antibodies swarming around a wound, applying a busy, irresistible chemistry to the vocal harmonies and complex musical parts at hand." Times subscribers can read the full review here.
Monday, 23 January 2012
In a four star review of the Bush Hall headlining show, Robin Denselow of the Guardian writes that the band "made it clear from the opening songs that this would be no conventional concert ... [T]hey veered rapidly from country influences to edgy acoustic pop that included lyrical passages, tight harmony vocals and a stomping rock chorus line, but then suddenly slowed down and eased into a quiet, jazzy burst of controlled discord, before the melodies kicked in again." Read the complete concert review at guardian.co.uk.
Friday, 13 January 2012
"They’ve been playing small club shows downtown, and they brought that informality to the Allen Room," writes New York Times music critic Jon Pareles in his concert review, "punctuating dazzling virtuosity with bluegrass-aficionado banter and 'Fiddle Tune Request Time.'” Read the full concert review here.
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